Massage & Holistic Therapy

Massage & Holistic Therapy

Massage and holistic therapy developed thousands of years ago and used worldwide, uses different techniques to improve all of the body’s 11 major organ systems in different ways. Massage movements work on the body’s soft tissue, affecting the surrounding tissue and structures. Rather than just focusing solely on your physical body and symptoms of aches and pain, holistic massage is multidimensional, dealing with the whole of your person; as a physical mental and spiritual being (’holos’ means whole). Carried out in a relaxing and comforting environment, the physical and psychological benefits help to improve the body in a variety of ways including to:

– Aid relaxation & reduce anxiety

– Boost the immune system

– Improve circulation which nourishes cells & improves waste elimination

– Relieve tight muscles (knots) & other aches & pains

– Release nerve compression (e.g. carpel tunnel, sciatica)

– Enhance energy

– Reduce the physical effects of stress

– Improve quality of sleep & reduce fatigue

For your first treatment you will be invited to arrive early for your appointment, to relax, complete a consultation form and choose your oil if you are having a massage. The consultation form is treated as confidential and as well as learning about your health and lifestyle, it is an opportunity to establish and familiarise your expectations and needs to tailor the treatment. Every treatment is adapted after that, but you will only have to complete the form once, your record will be updated.

Taking an hour out of a busy week really can make a difference – feel relaxed, peaceful, reduced tension in your body and re-energised. Everyone needs time to relax to restore and re-balance their physical and physiological self. Initial treatments may focus on areas of tension or injury, but the aim is to reach a level of ‘maintenance’ and become incorporated into your life and used as a tool for a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Samsara is moving to Eden Fitness Centre, 17 North Street, Weston-super-Mare.

As Eden Fitness is a ladies only centre, gentleman with valid vouchers can book in and enjoy their treatment at Uphill Village Osteopaths. Ladies, your vouchers will be honoured at the new treatment room, irrespective of membership.

Evening appointments are now available every weekday, with free parking after 6pm Monday to Friday.

 Call 07939 876 757 or click here for email


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