Samsára Massage & Holistic Therapies Weston

2014 world reflexology week bannerNamasté Samsára!

‘Samsára’ in Sanskrit literally means ‘continuous flow’. It is the repeating and re-awakening to the cycle of life (rebirth). 

Massage & Holistic Therapies Weston

Samsára holistic therapies in Weston-super-Mare, encourages the perfect synergy of harmony and energy between the mind and body and re-awakening of life. After enjoying a therapeutic or holistic treatment at Samsára, you too can experience the physical & psychological benefits of holistic therapy.

Massage therapy developed thousands of years ago and used worldwide, uses different techniques to improve all of the body’s 11 major organ systems in different ways by working on the body’s soft tissue, affecting the surrounding tissue and structures. Carried out in a relaxing and comforting environment, the physical and psychological benefits help to improve the body in a variety of ways including to:

- Aid relaxation & reduce anxiety

- Boost the immune system

- Improve circulation which nourishes cells & improves waste elimination

- Relieve tight muscles (knots) & other aches & pains

- Release nerve compression (e.g. carpel tunnel, sciatica)

- Enhance energy

- Reduce the physical effects of stress

- Improve quality of sleep & reduce fatigue

Every treatment is adapted to your needs and expectations. Evening appointments are available.

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